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Stop emotional

eating and finally

release the weight

for good

Change your negative

self-talk, to change your

relationship with food


98% of diets don't work. 

Does that keep us from tyring again and again? 


We wake up as the 'I am going to choose right choices today @ 5am girl, BUT then eat yummy comfort food. 

We want to be the 'I need to take care of God's temple' girl, BUT then forget about that the rest of the day. 


Because when diets fail you, You don't that that the diet failed you. 

You think YOU failed. 

Then that makes you want to eat more. It makes you want to comfort yourself. 

Weight loss is an issue that you just can't fix with food. 

The thing that you have to do to get control of ist to change your thinking. 



Most people focus on only what the scales say and diet rules. 

But it doesn't help you understand why you are overeating in the first place: 

-negative self-talk

-long time habits

-relationships with food, with yourself, and with your body


As a Certified Weight Loss coach, I go beyond the scale and take you on a journey to learn how to lose the weight from the inside out. 

And it's working-see what my clients say:

You CAN take control of your weight without dieting rules: 

 Learn the 4 KEYS to unlock weightloss once and for all.  

Tap into the #1 Tool that nobody teaches you how to use......Your Brain!

Use a step-by-step plan with accountability to GAIN FOOD FREEDOM!

This was me weighing over 185 lbs and was tired and overhwhelmed with my life. 

For 30 years, I had migraines, I hated going shopping. I complained to my spouse. My sleep was off. 

I felt restricted, deprived. I didin't know what else to do. 

So I stopped dieting. 

I lost 50 lbs. without dieting and this is what I've learned: 

What you're told externally can't change how you act. 

How you think internally controls your actions. 

By changing what I thought about myself, my body, my food, I felt FOOD FREEDOM FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 30 YEARS. 


Got questions about ditching the diet mentality?

Ready to stop re-starting a diet on Monday mornings? See what's really keeping you from losing weight in a 30-minute call. No counting calories, macros or points. No restriction and deprivation.


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